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The Unexpected brings expanded programming during The Unexpected in 2018. The Unexpected Outlier Series features augmented activities expanding on art, music, and thought to create an enhanced cultural experience in downtown Fort Smith. The Unexpected takes place October 22-28; the Outlier Series will close out the weekend, October 26-27th.

The Unexpected was a fantasy-horror comics anthology series, a continuation of Tales of the Unexpected, published by DC Comics. It ran 118 issues, from #105 (February–March 1968) to #222 (May 1982). It is not to be confused with The Unexpected published by DC Comics in 2018.

Using personal stories and biblical examples, in Unexpected, author Christine Caine offers real-life strategies to help you journey from fear to hope. Discover how to embrace the unexpected, strengthen your faith, choose your destiny, and trust that God is in control.

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McKayla’s Story Part 2 W … McKayla and her mom Shannon are both pregnant and due within a few weeks of each other. Shannon wasn’t around for McKayla growing up, but now they hope their shared experience will bring them closer together.

Submissions must be unexpected on their own, and not rely on their title to surprise the reader. Don’t give the outcome away in the title. Do NOT rehost webcomics.

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For the first time, the families of Unexpected come together for the Unexpected: Tell All. The parents, grandparents and great-grandparents share insight into their stories, and give updates on what’s been happening since the cameras stopped rolling.

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A bundle of joy almost led to a pair of crutches, as seen in the series premiere of TLC‘s unscripted series “Unexpected.” The six-episode show focuses on teenage mothers, all of whom are

Unexpected offers encouragement and practical steps to move from anxiety about the unpredictable to confident faith in a good God. Through compelling stories and practical strategies, this book will help you anticipate the unexpected and to live in the joyful freedom of complete trust in God.

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Watch video · Unexpected, a new six-episode TLC series, documents the lives of three teen couples who are unprepared to have a , and the parents and …

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Unexpected Show from SouthBrook Christian Church. Buy Tickets, get times, and find out information about the Unexpected Show. Buy Tickets, get times, and find out information about the Unexpected …